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  The Peg  
  Never buy another Peg again

The Peg is a new clothes peg with a difference. We have designed the Peg without a metal spring, so there's nothing to rust or fly out, but this on its own is not new. We have also designed the Peg to be moulded in a stronger, more expensive engineering polymer - we're not trying to sell yet another peg thats cheaper than anything else, it's about a product that lasts longer and stands up to the British climate and worse. But that's not all, we have designed in a few extra features to make it a little more useful, so you'll find new ways to use them around the home as well as on the washing line. What is most different about The Peg though, is that we sell it with a lifetime guarantee.

Pack of 20 Pegs 7.50 + P&P

Lifetime Guarantee
What does this mean? It means that if the Peg's spring breaks during normal use and you can send all the pieces back to us, we will replace it free of charge. The Peg is tougher than most pegs and we are confident that if you look after it, it will last for your lifetime.

Clothes Pegs are a bit of an enigma and its interesting to think about what we put up with. Springs that rust, pegs flying apart when we try to get them open. Plastic pegs that snap when we try to use them the following year. Sometimes we wish we had three hands when hanging out the washing and end up dropping half the pegs. So we buy a different peg next time and are seduced by colours, soft touch or perhaps the the idea that buying 100 pegs for 1.50 means it doesn't matter if some break, some we tread on and some we lose, because we've got so many... However, the development team at Kakoi want to produce products that avoid waste and provide value for money

Wouldn't it be nice if the Pegs you buy now will still be holding your washing up in years to come.

These pegs are British designed and manufactured and the lifetime guarantee means that you can buy them safe in knowledge that if one breaks because the plastic spring fails, you can send us back all the bits and we'll send you a new one. Please note that abuse, like the dog chewing them or getting caught under the wheels of a car, is not considered to be normal use.

The Peg is supplied as separate pieces, so they need to be clipped together. This is very easy to do and of course you can decide if each peg is the same colour or if each peg is made up of the two colours...

Pack of 20 Pegs 7.50 + P&P


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